About the agency

10 years of a remarkable designs

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Our vision

We are here to ensure your customers know how to value your company for your professionality. You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Effective design workflow

We automate design on demand for you

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Running The Numbers

How is Blacsand different?

Let's face it. It is a painful process finding the right developers, designers, and other expertise for your project. And it's exhausting even understanding the differences in what they actually do. We take care of all of this for you. We're also not your regular web agency as we are always utilizing the most recent tech and tools to keep you ahead of your industry.

Below are some metrics:

more affordable than contract dev working only 15 hours per month at minimum
One Software Dev with 5+ years experience can easily charge $50 - $75/hr. We offer the access to a team with expertise AND run the day-to-day operations for your website/apps at our base plan starting at $250/month.
projects under our belt here at Blacsand - We've learned how to deliver smoothly
We have a unique model to our services at Blacsand, so it's taken a few years to refine our processes. We know the ins and outs in how to create great applications and bring them from vision to life.
Our values

What's important to our company

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Fast turnarounds

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No meetings

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Great designs

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Our team

Meet the team

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Rian Moore
Art Director

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Savannah Nguyen
Webflow Developer

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David Russell
Webflow Developer

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Kristin Watson
Webflow Developer

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Jane Cooper
Product Designer

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John Howard
Content Creator

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